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What My Kids Are Reading–The Book Of Heroines / Heroes–With Giveaway!

Friday, November 4, 2016


My kids and I love National Geographic Kids Books. They photos are bright and eye-catching and the books feature topics that are interesting and fun to read. We were all very excited when we got to check out these new books – The Book Of Heroines and The Book Of Heroes. I was not sure my kids knew what a hero or heroine is, but these books give over 100 examples each of men and women who are courageous, do the right thing, have compassion, are competent, are inspiring, never quit, and leap to action. The heroes and heroines in these books are superstars, war heroes, world leaders, peacemakers, superheroes, rebels, action heroes, sports legends, and more. There is even a chapter about animals in each of the books! Some of those featured in the books are Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, Misty Copeland, Tina Fey, Emma Watson, Galileo, Sitting Bull, Michael Jordan, and Stephen Hawking.

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Simon is only learning to read, but he still spent a lot of time looking through the pages and studying the pictures in The Book of Heroes!

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Gabbie spent time reading about the women in The Book Of Heroines. She was especially excited to find Misty Copeland and Hillary Clinton inside.

Although The Book Of Heroines focuses on women and The Book Of Heroes features men, within each there are sidebars about heroes and heroines of the opposite sex. At the end of each chapter, there is a feature called “Moment of Bravery,” that describes a situation, a moment of truth, and the legacy the hero or heroine left on the world. Each book is available for $14.99 and makes a great gift for children ages 8-12!

Want to win this set of books? Just leave me a comment and tell me who are your heroes and heroines!

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