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Keep Beer Cold With BottleKeeper

Friday, November 18, 2016

Do you like cold beer? I don’t like beer at all, but warm beer doesn’t sound like it would be appealing to anyone! My husband loves beer, and he was excited to try out the BottleKeeper, an insulated, stainless steel container that keeps beer bottles cold and protected from breaking.


The BottleKeeper is available in multiple sizes – 12 oz Standard, 12 oz Stubby, and 22 oz Bomber. We tested the 12 oz standard, and soon realized that Dave’s favorite beer bottle was just a bit to wide to fit inside. However, as the name suggests, a standard sized bottle fit just fine, nestled inside the neoprene lining, extra padding, and custom designed cap to seal the bottle. BottleKeeper even has a list of what beers fit in which size bottle – I guess Dave and I should have checked that before choosing a size!

DSC_2677  DSC_2678
DSC_2687  DSC_2688DSC_2689  DSC_2691DSC_2693DSC_2694
Dave’s first thought was that he could drink beer where beer isn’t necessarily allowed, but as you can see, the top of the bottle does peak out of the BottleKeeper!

The BottleKeeper is great in situations where beer is legal, like at the beach or the pool, at sporting events, at the park, or at home. Started by cousins Matt and Adam, a BottleKeeper would make a great gift for any beer lover in your life. It even comes in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, red, and green!

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