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$10 at Target–November

Monday, November 21, 2016


A few of the blogs that I follow do a really cool challenge called $10 at Target. The idea is to spend $10 and only $10 buying fun items at Target. I missed doing this last month and I’m glad I was able to participate again this month!

I did my shopping this month with an extra $5 because I got a flu shot. Bonus! I think I had a bit of Disney on the brain.

target1  target2
The t-shirt was in the girls’ clearance. I really liked the hoodie, but it was too expensive, both in general and for this challenge!

target3  target4
The Dollar Spot was a little sparse this time.

target7  target5
I did like this plaid scarf – only $7! The right side was the clearance section I like to check out in the middle of the store. Cute, but I didn’t pick up anything.

Ah, a sweet Mickey Mouse shirt!

I ended up with the Nemo and Dory shirt for Gabbie and the Mickey shirt for me! Gabbie’s shirt was around $5, so my total was $17.99, minus about .90 for the red card, plus tax! Remember that I had a $5 gift card, so I was allowing myself to spend $15…I was still over though! Oh well, two cute shirts are good enough for me!

What do you think?