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What I’ve Been Reading #138–Fractured

Friday, October 21, 2016


I received a copy of Fractured by Catherine McKenzie from TLC Book Tours in exchange for my review. I loved this book so much that I’ve already read another book by the same author! But more on that next week. Fractured was part mystery, part family drama, and I could not put it down. Told in alternating view points and both from the present and the past, the reader is kept guessing as to what really happened throughout the entire story.

“Julie Prentice and her family move across the country to the idyllic Mount Adams district of Cincinnati, hoping to evade the stalker who’s been terrorizing them ever since the publication of her bestselling novel, The Murder Game. Since Julie doesn’t know anyone in her new town, when she meets her neighbor John Dunbar, their instant connection brings measured hope for a new beginning. But she never imagines that a simple, benign conversation with him could set her life spinning so far off course. After a series of misunderstandings, Julie and her family become the target of increasingly unsettling harassment. Has Julie’s stalker found her, or are her neighbors out to get her, too? As tension in the neighborhood rises, new friends turn into enemies, and the results are deadly.”

I enjoy books in which the main character is a writer. It adds the extra layer of a book within a book, which in this case added to the mystery. Julie’s book, The Murder Game, is based on her own experiences in law school, and leaves many people wondering if the book is more fact than fiction. Julie’s stalker certainly believes that Julie and her friends may have actually committed a murder. Meanwhile, Julie’s new life on Pine Street is plagued by misunderstandings, overbearing neighbors, and a hard time fitting in. Julie’s friendship with her neighbor John becomes even more difficult when an event occurs – an event that is not revealed to us as readers until the very end.

I am able to give away a copy of this book! If you would love to read it, just leave me a comment and I will pick a winner next week!

What have you been reading lately?