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Falling For Fall Photo Challenge

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fallin for Fall 2

For the past month, I have been taking part in a photo challenge with Jessica, Stephanie, Amy, and Whitney over on Instagram. Following the Falling For Fall Photo Challenge prompts has been a lot of fun, and I made it through the challenge by being a bit easy on myself. Unlike in the past, I didn’t require myself to only use my real camera for the photos, and I didn’t force myself to take each photo on the day of its prompt. I am happy with how my photos turned out and I’m excited to share them here today! Under each, I’m including my Instagram commentary – minus any emojis! If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, please do!

Falling For Fall 1

1. Selfie
What I’d wear if it was actually fall weather today!

2. Comfort Food
My comfort food is a no-no right now – macaroni and cheese! I also love chili on cold days. But this morning and every morning my ultimate comfort is my coffee!

3. Colors
Apple Tree.

4. Outside
Here we are outside of Trader Joe’s!

5. Your View
Last night I looked out the window and saw this was my view. I had to run outside and take pictures!

6. Sweet Treat
Maybe not what you’d think of as a sweet treat, but I can’t get enough of them!

7. Pumpkins
Seen at Trader Joe’s…what’s next, pumpkin spice pumpkin?

8. Cozy
My new quilted vest from Old Navy is super cozy!

9. Orange
Some of my fall d├ęcor with orange for fall!

10. Starts With F
Waterfire Festival at the KC Plaza.

11. Craft
Simon made us this Rosh Hashanah card at school! Happy New Year!

12. Tradition
I’ve been offline due to celebrating Rosh Hashanah – a fall tradition!

13. Boots
I love wearing these boots in the fall!

14. Thankful
If you ask me what I’m thankful for, it will always be these silly, fun, lovable, three!

15a. Leaves
The leaves are *just* starting to change here! These were spotted over this past weekend.

15b. Leaves
Making up for yesterday’s lack of leaf color!

16. Warm Beverage
Fall weather = warm drink.

17. Flowers
Fall flowers.

18. Festival
Seen last Sunday at the Missouri Town 1855 Fall Festival – a man making kettle corn.

19. Sunset
Not from today, but still pretty!

20. Favorite Spot
My favorite place is my house!

21. Apple Cider
All the apples for all the apple cider! At Louisberg Cider Mill this past weekend.

22a. Decorations
This isn’t the photo I was planning to share for today’s #fallingforfallphotos prompt, but look how intent he is on decorating his pumpkin! I’ll share my other decorations picture later!

22b. Decorations
This is the decoration post I was planning to share! I made this flag bunting for our sukkah. (No, we have not put the roof on yet!)

23. Layers
Layered up on the way to the library and the mall. Too much?

24. Fire
They lit this pile of wood on fire! It was kinda crazy. (Two weeks ago at the Waterfire Festival).

25. From Where I Stand
This looks like fall.

26. Apple
Yum, apples.

27. Hayride
Standing on the hay bales!

28. Moment
A moment in time with these kids of mine.

I am going to miss posting fall photos every day! I really enjoyed these and I hope you did too!