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Kansas City Murals

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A few weeks ago, we took the opportunity of a nice day to walk around downtown Kansas City and take photos of the recently popular Kansas City murals that we had been hearing about. We also found a few other cool things along the way!

DSC_1586  DSC_1588DSC_1587
First stop was the “Kansas City I’m So In Love” wall, located at 1919 Baltimore, on the side of the Fortuity warehouse. There is parking available and the sign is on the building, so it is not hard to photograph!

This “Go Royals” sign hangs in a parking lot, and sadly I did not make a note of where we were when we found it!

We stumbled onto art alley, a small alley just lined with street art. It can be found at 1701 Locust St.

This sign was outside of a store that sells some fun Midwest items and t-shirts – Raygun, located at 1803 Baltimore.

On the top of the parking garage at Barkley Advertising located at 1740 Main Street is the huge KC Loves mural. There are marked spots to stand to take good photos, but it is really big, so you can see how far away the kids were when I took their picture!

Finally, we visited the library, known as the Community Bookshelf Library because of the parking garage that is decorated with 25 foot book spines. The kids really liked walking along the ledge in front of the books! The library is at 14 W 10th Street.

While we were there, we checked out the Hubcap as Art exhibit, which is no longer on display.


There was also some playing in the children’s section.


And someone was tired on the way home!


I love our photos, how about you?