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Wisconsin Dells–Noah’s Ark and Dells Army Ducks

Thursday, August 11, 2016

When we visited Gabbie at camp, we also spent a few days in Wisconsin Dells. I already blogged about Wizard Quest, but that’s not the only thing we did there! The hotel we stayed at gave us tickets to two water parks – Noah’s Ark and Chula Vista, so obviously we spent time at both! I didn’t take any pictures at Chula Vista, but I did at Noah’s Ark.


When we arrived, it was kind of cloudy and cool. I was afraid it would be too cold to do anything!

trip5  trip6trip7  trip8

Zachary got right in there though.

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I didn’t love this slide because it made me dizzy. The boys loved it though!

trip20  trip21

Later in the day, it seemed more clear and warm!

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We also went back to Noah’s Ark to do more that we missed. Later that night, we did Go-Karting! I went with Zachary and it was not easy! The next day, we did the Dells Army Duck Tour. I enjoyed it, because we got to see the actual Dells – the glacially formed sandstone formations on the Wisconsin River.


Have you been to Wisconsin Dells?