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Rhode Island–Block Island

Thursday, August 25, 2016


I did a lot of traveling this summer. A few days after we got back from Wisconsin, I hopped a plane to NJ and met up with a good friend for a girls’ trip to Block Island. I first heard of Block Island about 15 years ago when a band I loved was playing there. I was unable to attend the concert, but I’ve wanted to visit Block Island ever since. And now I finally got to! We spent our first night in NJ and in the morning we took the train to CT, where we caught the ferry to the Block. The water was rough that day and I was lucky I had my anti-seasick pills!


We stayed in a cute little inn called the Sea Breeze.


We rented bicycles from the inn, as bikes are a major way people get around on the island. I don’t know when the last time I biked was before this, and I was a little nervous! I think I did pretty well for someone my age though! My friend is in much better shape than I am (she is training for a marathon right now!) and she was very patient with me too. We took our bikes to the lighthouse on the southern point of the island. I introduced her to geocaching, and I took pictures!


We checked out the beach for a little while. The water was freezing!


On the opposite side from the beach is a large pond where boats come in and the water there was much warmer!


We tried to visit another beach but it was a bit farther off the road than we thought it would be, and by then I was tiring out from all the biking!


We explored a lot of the east side of the island while we were there, but we never made it all the way to the north point, where there is another lighthouse. If I ever go back, I want to get there too!


Did I mention the beach was beautiful??


Our weekend was lovely! Have you ever been to Block Island?