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It’s Okay #129

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


It’s okay…

…that I accidentally published this post with a back date of last Tuesday instead of today’s date.

…that now that I’m back from Florida, I need to start working on all of my around the house projects. Like putting away the things Gabbie brought to camp. And going through all the books that were in her room that she’s outgrown. I started with the games that were in her drawers!

…that I want to thank everyone for their good thoughts for my father! He seems to be recovering well so far.

…that yesterday I did prep work to start my modified version of the 21-day fix. I don’t want to say I’m following the plan exactly, but I’m trying to stick to the general idea.

…that today we’re going to the Royals game!

…that I ordered Gabbie new uniform skirts over a week ago from Old Navy and they finally arrived. Or I should say, they were finally shipped. Once they shipped, they arrived. I much prefer when I order things and they are shipped immediately!

…that we finally had Zachary’s birthday party. It had to be postponed when he got sick two weeks ago. He still has a cough from that virus but he’s doing much better after finally getting on antibiotics!

…that due to my trip to Florida I slacked off on the Fun In The Sun Photo Challenge. I hope to continue posting the photos from the challenge, although they might not be in the correct order!

What’s okay with you this week?