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Georgia–Reynolds, Lake Oconee

Thursday, August 4, 2016

I last left off with my story of our trip to GA and SC with our few days spent in Rock Hill, SC. From there, we headed back to GA to meet up with Dave, where he was at a work conference at the Ritz Carlton, Reynolds, on Lake Oconee. I don’t think the kids or myself have ever been to such a nice hotel before! I found out before we arrived that their pool is an infinity pool – something I had on my bucket list! And it was just as nice as I expected.

When we first arrived, the train conductor was nice enough to allow the kids a ride, even though they missed the scheduled trip. I went along too and got some pictures of the resort!


We of course had to hurry up and check out the pool.


The pool overlooks the lake.


Snoopy was there for Dave’s work conference!


We checked out the lake too. See those floating things in the middle? The farthest one is a dock, which I swam too and was impressed with myself that I still can do so! And the others are floats to lie on. We all sat out there for awhile!


Back at the pool…


A GA peach:


Later, the kids and I did a scavenger hunt around the resort.


And played a bit!


We also found a geocache. Apparently, there are many at the resort itself, but you have to use their iPads to find them and we were there too late in the day for that. This one is the only public one in the area.


In the evening, there is a firepit and s’mores!


There was also fireworks.


A lovely conclusion to our trip to the south!