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Wizard Quest In Wisconsin Dells

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


On our way to visit Gabbie at camp, we stayed for a few days in Wisconsin Dells. There are a lot of fun attractions there that I will be writing about, but first up is one of the ones that the boys enjoyed the most – Wizard Quest. Being a US Family Guide Blogger has perks – I skimmed through the list of available offers and noticed that we could visit both Wizard Quest and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in exchange for our review. While I was initially more excited to visit Ripley’s, it turned out that Wizard Quest was a huge highlight of our trip and I’m really glad we got to go there!


“Wizard Quest is the cutting edge fusion of a story driven computer game and a 13,000 square foot magical wonderland. It is packed with secret passageways, physical obstacles, endearing illusions and over the top artistry.”

Wizard Quest currently has 5 options available – Dragon Quest, and a quest for each of the four realms – Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. While the more advanced quests have a lot of clues and questions and are completed with a time limit, Dragon Quest asks you to find the hidden dragon in each of the realms and allows unlimited time to explore. I am glad we chose to do Dragon Quest, because the kids absolutely loved checking out the hidden passageways, mazes, and slides in all of the realms! Plus, we completed our quest.

You enter in the Air realm, which is above the other 3 realms. Although the 3 realms on the bottom floor are connected to one another, there are slides from Air to each. The boys really enjoyed taking the slide tunnels to each realm! I loved the decorations, which are magically themed with such creatures as unicorns, mermaids, trolls, elves, wizards, and dragons.


Zachary loved this part – you crawl through a tunnel from the ball pit to open a door for the adults who don’t want to crawl through! Simon was convinced to try it too and he also loved it!

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Like I mentioned, we needed to find a dragon in each of the realms. We had to answer a question about each dragon to prove that we actually found it! If you are visiting Wisconsin Dells, I highly recommend checking out Wizard Quest!

In order to save money on multiple attractions, check out the Downtown Dells Discovery Pass, where you can save more than half off your admission to a second attraction, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. We visited Ripley’s too – but Simon was too scared to enjoy it! Zachary liked it a lot though!

“Discover the world's oddities at Ripley's Believe It or Not in the Wisconsin Dells. Featuring three floors with 11 amazing galleries, you will experience puzzling illusions as you examine the large eclectic collection of odd and interesting things you will never see anywhere else. Become an explorer and survive the curse of King Tut as you travel the dark cavernous tunnels of his Egyptian temple. Continue your exploration and unveil objects hidden throughout the museum and decide for yourself if you Believe it or Not!”

Have you ever been to Wizard Quest or Ripley’s Believe It or Not?