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Todd English Air Fryer Review and Giveaway

Monday, July 11, 2016

When it comes to kitchen appliances, we all have our favorites – the ones that sit out on the counter all the time because we use them so often! This past week I was introduced to the Todd English Air Fryer, and it just may join that list of favorites!


What exactly is an Air Fryer? Well, it is an appliance that fries food quickly and conveniently without using oil, which makes it a healthy way to fry! The Air Fryer uses rapid hot air convection cooking technology to circulate air evenly to cook either fresh or frozen food, making them taste as if they were deep fried without the fat! The Air Fryer can be used for a wide variety of food, including meat, vegetables, and desserts. Instead of heating up your whole kitchen, the heat stays within the fryer, as does that fried food smell that can stay for hours when you fry on the stove. I’m sure you can see why it has quickly jumped into my list of favorite kitchen appliances!

DSC_0766  DSC_0767

I tried out my new Air Fryer the day after it arrived – I would have used it right away, but the delivery came at night! The bottom section opens to reveal the heating bowl, which contains a removable basket for easier cleaning. My first experiment was fried onions. I wanted them to be onion rings, but I didn’t actually batter them well enough for that! I followed a recipe that was in the included cookbook, In The Kitchen by Allison Waggoner, with a few adaptations.

Chop the onion and soak it in ice water.

Mix breadcrumbs and spices in a plastic bag and add in the onions to coat them.

Add to the Air Fryer and cook!

My second experiment was fried pickles and this time I battered them well!

They came out so good!

Dave also got in on the fun and decided to use the Air Fryer to make chicken. He also made a batter and cooked the chicken in the fryer.


The Todd English Air Fryer and other home goods as well as plus sized clothing and other apparel, hand bags, beauty products, and more can be found via the Phoenix Trading Company. The name of the company refers to the mythical bird, the Phoenix, which is reborn so it can soar again. They buy large amounts of overstock and clearance designer merchandize and then pass on the savings to their costumers at 60% below retail prices. Something very cool about the company is that a third of their workforce are people who are housebound either due to physical disabilities or childcare responsibilities and would not otherwise have a job. Plus, the Phoenix Trading Company is hosting a giveaway for the same Air Fryer and cookbook that I received! Use the entry form below to enter the giveaway.

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Have you ever tried an Air Fryer? If not, would you like to?

I received a product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.