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The Kids Behind The Blog–Zachary

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


This month it’s Zachary’s turn to be featured for The Kids Behind The Blog! Zachary turned 9 in June and these questions really fit him!

1. What 2 things do you like to do outside in the summer?

Swimming and tennis.


2. If you could go anywhere this Summer where would you go and why? 

I would rent a house with a pool in Florida because it’s always nice to swim in Florida.


3. What is your favorite thing about summer?



4. If you could pick any way to spend a hot Summer day, how would you spend it? 

Swimming. (He laughed, because he kept answering with swimming!)

5. What is your favorite Summer treat? 

Popsicles and ice cream.

Do your kids love swimming as much as Zachary does?