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Star Spangled Weekend

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays and I love celebrating it every year! This year we got two days worth of celebrations due to July 4 being a Monday. On Sunday, we went bowling.

DSC_0590  DSC_0591DSC_0593  DSC_0594

And then we went to a friends’ place – not their house, but a place where they own a lot of land with a pond and each year they host a barbecue and fireworks for the 4th!

DSC_0604  DSC_0605
Simon was so excited that it was cool enough out for him to wear his new jeans that he asked me to buy him so that he could be like Daddy!

These are all the fireworks that would be set off:


This is the pond where the kids got to fish:

DSC_0610DSC_0611DSC_0612DSC_0613DSC_0614  DSC_0615
Don’t you love her skirt? The kids here are our friends that also went – not the friends that live there.

DSC_0616DSC_0617DSC_0618  DSC_0619
My friend’s baby!


These cows are right next door:


Someone caught a fish! Hint: It wasn’t one of the boys!


I tried to take fireworks photos. Some of them worked, some didn’t work so well.


On the 4th itself, we went to our neighborhood bike parade, as we do every year! Zachary is doing better at riding his bike!


Next we went to a local town’s 4th of July festival. Simon rode the train and Zachary tried the rock wall. He can usually climb pretty well but I think he was assigned to a difficult part of the wall this time!

DSC_0720DSC_0721DSC_0723  DSC_0724

We also checked out the petting zoo.


Next, we went to another local town where every year they set out 1000s of flags. I have always wanted to go!


While we were there, we found a geocache under this bridge!


There was also a concert going on at the time, so we listened to patriotic music at the same time!


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