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South Carolina–Riverbanks Zoo

Thursday, July 21, 2016

After we spent a bit of time in Atlanta, Dave was off to his work conference and the kids and I headed to South Carolina. My friend lives about half an hour from Charlotte, NC, but in SC, and I wanted to hit both states to check them off my state visitation list, which is how we chose our destination. We decided to stop on the way at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia. The zoo wasn’t huge, but there were a lot of cute animals to see and things to do!


It was Zachary’s birthday, so I said yes to rock climbing,which cost extra. Gabbie also wanted to try it. Simon didn’t, but since it wasn’t crowded, they even offered him a turn! He didn’t take the opportunity, but the other kids (mostly Zachary) did get to try multiple parts of the wall!

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Simon checked out the nearby playground.


And Zachary may have climbed all day if I let him!


Continuing our visit to see animals – can you spot the koala baby?


Since Simon didn’t do rock climbing, I got him a ticket for this train ride. Again, since no one was really there, the driver let Gabbie and Zachary have a ride too.


Love flamingos!


This poor turtle rolled down a hill and flipped upside down! I hope someone came and rescued him!


There was a small aquarium area.


And they had sea lions too.


Do you like to visit zoos when you are on vacation? We do!