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Lightlife Smart Dogs Veggie Hot Dogs Review

Friday, July 1, 2016


Something you may not know about me – due to the kosher dietary laws, I don’t eat meat and milk products together. Therefore, I can never top hot dogs with cheese – unless the hot dog isn’t real meat! Lightlife offers vegetarian alternatives to a wide variety of foods, including Smart Dogs, which are certified vegan and kosher and are non-GMO project verified. Smart Dogs are plant-based and grill-ready, but we cooked ours in the oven, covered with cheese, onions, and jalapenos for Dave!


The boys topped their Smart Dogs with American cheese. With 7 grams of protein and 50 calories each, Smart Dogs are a healthy choice for the whole family. Plus, we all enjoyed them!

We also tried Smart Deli Bologna Slices and enjoyed those too!


All Lightlife products are refrigerated fresh, and can be found in the produce, dairy, or natural section of your grocery store. One package of Lightlife Smart Dogs retails for $2.99 - $3.99. You can also find a $1 off coupon here!

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