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Christmas In July Gift Exchange Reveal #xmasinjulygiftexchange

Monday, July 25, 2016


When I saw the announcement for the Christmas in July Gift Exchange, I wondered if I should sign up since I don’t celebrate Christmas. In the end, I couldn’t resist a good gift swap, and I decided to participate! Of course, I’m glad I made that decision. I sent a gift to Keri and her kids and I hope they loved what I sent! My gift came from my blog friend Emily!

Inside the box were individual packages for me and each of the kids. Also, Emily included a tie dye kit for all of us. I wonder if she remembered that one of the things we want to do this summer is tie dye!

My package included these super cute matching note cards, sticky notes, and pen, plus drink mix to add to my water, and nail polish. I painted my nails with it right away!

The boys opened their packages right away (it was July 11, hence the Slurpee!)

DSC_0829  DSC_0830
Zachary received stickers, a wax sticks set, a colored pencil color by number set, and a book.

Simon received the same things, but his stickers were different and he got paint by number instead of color by number. His book was also meant for his age, while Zachary’s was for older kids!

They both began using their items right away!

DSC_0928  DSC_0929
We brought Gabbie’s package to camp for her to open.

She also got wax sticks, stickers, and a book meant for her age, plus a foil coloring set. She kept the wax sticks and the coloring set with her at camp to use!

Emily – you did a great job choosing gifts for all of us and we really appreciate them! Thank you!