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Zachary is 9!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Today is Zachary’s 9th birthday. It seems like he is getting so old! Like we did for Gabbie’s birthday, Gabbie and Simon played “How Well Do You Know Your Brother?” Let’s see how well they did!

DSCN2249  DSCN2283DSCN2366  DSCN2385
June 2015

What does Zachary eat for breakfast every morning?
Simon: Sandwich and Cinnamon Squares. But not always a sandwich.
Gabbie: A sandwich and cereal.
Zachary’s answer: Cereal.

July 2015

DSCN3051DSCN3333  DSCN3662
August 2015

What is Zachary’s favorite game to play?
Simon: Subway Surfers.
Gabbie: Mastermind or Life.
Zachary’s answer: Cooking Fever.

September 2015

DSCN3809  DSCN3853DSCN3878
October 2015

What does Zachary spend the afternoon doing?
Simon: Watching his iPad.
Gabbie: Using his iPad.
Zachary’s answer: Watching YouTube.

DSCN3957DSCN4167  DSCN4171
November 2015

December 2015

What is Zachary’s favorite food?
Simon: Pasta.
Gabbie: Pizza.
Zachary: Pizza.

January 2016

February 2016

What does Zachary want to be when he grows up?
Simon: Probably nothing. A bus driver.
Gabbie: A train conductor.
Zachary’s answer: A person who works at an airport.

DSCN4909DSCN5086  DSCN5165DSCN5131DSCN5423
March / April 2016

What does Zachary love the most?
Simon: Mommy.
Gabbie: His iPad.
Zachary’s answer: My Fitbit.

DSCN5882  DSCN6085DSCN6307
May 2016

What is Zachary’s favorite color?
Simon: Blue.
Gabbie: Blue.
Zachary: Light Blue (he said that so they wouldn’t be correct!).

Finally, I asked Simon and Gabbie what they love the most about Zachary. Simon said “that he plays with me” and Gabbie said “he’s a good brother.”

Happy Birthday Zachary!