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The Jersey Shore

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Although the weather was a bit cool and cloudy, we still took a trip to the NJ Shore on our trip to NY and NJ. Having just been in Florida over winter break, we weren’t expecting to swim (we didn’t even bring swim suits on the trip), but we still like to check out the beach and the boardwalk. Our first stop was Point Pleasant, which is the best boardwalk for rides for kids, but they actually weren’t open. There were a few arcades open though!

DSCN5639DSCN5640  DSCN5641DSCN5642  DSCN5643DSCN5644DSCN5645DSCN5646DSCN5647

We also walked along the almost empty boardwalk!

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Next, we checked out Asbury Park, a historic beach and boardwalk that has been going through some revitalization recently.


We rented a surrey there, just like we did in Florida!


We also looked for and found two geocaches. The first was under the boardwalk!

DSCN5688DSCN5689  DSCN5691DSCN5690

Inside were these very cool PathTag:

Tillie was the nickname for a mural painted on the side of the Palace Amusements building in Asbury Park before it was demolished.

This building is the former casino of Asbury Park:


The second geocache we found was near the Stone Pony, a famous concert hall where many bands got their starts.


Gabbie located it stuck inside this sign!


Have you been to Point Pleasant or Asbury Park?