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From The Farms To The City, We Love KC

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Before I get to sharing our latest vacation, I feel the need to catch up on some of the local places we have visited. Way back on Mother’s Day, we participated in the Miami County Farm Tour. This was our third year going on the tour and every year we get to see different places that are local to us but that we wouldn’t otherwise get to visit.


The following week, we headed in the opposite direction to Kansas City, MO, where we rode our new (free!) street car. We rode it to the City Market and walked around for a little while there.

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From there, we also walked around Union Station a bit.


A few weeks after that, Dave and I also checked out the First Friday celebration in the Crossroads. Our friend was catering a Kosher BBQ event and I ate so much I felt sick – but it was worth it!


As you can see just from these three activities, Kansas City has a ton to offer!