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Mother’s Day Exchange and Wish List

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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I haven’t participated in a blog swap in awhile and I was so excited to sign up for Elizabeth and Courtney’s Mother’s Day Exchange! I sent a gift to Andrea and I received from Erica – who does not have a blog. Funny story – at first I thought I was sending and receiving from the same person, so I asked Erica for information in order to send her a gift. Luckily I realized that I was not supposed to send one to her, because otherwise Andrea would not have received from anyone! Erica’s gift arrived when I returned from my trip and I was excited to open it and see what was inside!

DSCN5831  DSCN5832DSCN5833

Erica sent me things that I likely would have bought for myself – which is awesome! Inside a cute flowered tote bag was a matching stationery set, a candle, a heart note pad, a cute pack of note cards, and a coloring book – I’ve been wanting to try one of those!

Thank you Erica for the gift!


Speaking of Mother’s Day, I kind of sort of bought myself a present! Dave and I aren’t very big gift givers and tend to just buy ourselves the things we want when we want them (without going overboard of course). For awhile I had been wanting new earrings because the ones I wear most all the time were kind of boring me after I’ve worn them every day for 11 years! Larger diamond earrings proved to be too expensive, so I decided I would buy myself a nice pair from Pandora. I chose these!


And to go with them, I got a new charm for my bracelet:


Speaking of buying myself presents, I also ordered this:

In honor of my favorite Royals player – Salvador Perez.

To be honest, I’m supposed to be saving up for a new camera, which is still number one on my wish list!

But I also really like these bracelets!

They are called MantraBand Bracelets and you can get one or a few of your favorite mantras to wear! Some of my favorites are “Love Yourself,” “You Are Enough,” and “Let It Go”!

One thing that I want isn’t available until August, and that is the Kerry Washington OPI Collection!

Cg5hKfmWwAA5teM.jpg large
My favorite is Pale to the Chief.

Since my wish list is basically all fashion inspired, one other thing that I want is to try out Stitch Fix.

You get a personal stylist who picks out clothing items for you and you get to try them on and decide whether to keep them. You pay a styling fee, but that fee is applied to your purchased clothing. The only reason I haven’t done this yet is that the clothing items are all more expensive than I usually like to pay!

What are you wishing for this Mother’s Day?