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Liberty Science Center

Thursday, May 26, 2016

While we were in NY / NJ, we expected some not-so-nice weather. We took advantage of it by planning a trip to the Liberty Science Center with our good friends who live in NJ! I have some memories from the LSC, from going when I was a kid, to going with my campers when I was a camp counselor, to going with my nephews when they were little, to taking Gabbie there when she was little. This time, it seemed that all of the kids were good ages for spending the day at the center, and we all really enjoyed it!


We started out in the Sid The Science Kid area, which Simon could not get enough of. I had to keep encouraging him to play quickly so we would have time in the other parts of the museum. In the past, kids exhibits from LSC have ended up here in Kansas City, so I kept telling him we’d get to see it another time! This exhibit is already closed at the LSC.


Meanwhile, the older kids were busy in the Energy Quest area.


Next, we tried out the moving climbing wall – when you climb up, the wall moves down!

DSCN5557  DSCN5559DSCN5560  DSCN5562

The kids were interested in this bee hive, and they watched a show about bees.


They also loved the infinity climber, and kept trying to stay in instead of coming out!


I always like looking at the cool animals in the Eat and Be Eaten area.


We also crawled through my all time favorite, the Touch Tunnel. It is totally dark inside and you crawl through by using your hands to feel along the wall.


We took a break for lunch, and along with all the other Jewish visitors we enjoyed our matzah for Passover!


Next, we visited the i Explore area, which is actually meant for kids ages 2-5. Oops! Many of the exhibits in this area are also at the Wonderscope Museum here in Kansas City.

DSCN5586DSCN5587DSCN5588  DSCN5589DSCN5590  DSCN5591

From there we went to the Infection Connection area. Beware of the sneezing face!


And the Communication area.


We were almost going to leave, when we realized that there is a whole exhibit on the first floor. It was a lot less crowded than the other areas of the museum and I think less people know about it. It is all about Skyscrapers!


In this area, you can walk the steel, like you are a construction worker, above the gallery floor! Simon was so upset that he was too small to do it.


Then, our friends left to go home and prepare dinner, and we met them there after a little while, but first, we wanted to check out the overlook of Liberty State Park. On our way there, we got distracted by the Our Hudson Home exhibit!

DSCN5624  DSCN5625DSCN5626DSCN5627DSCN5628DSCN5629DSCN5630DSCN5631DSCN5632DSCN5633DSCN5634DSCN5635

Whew! I’m sorry for the picture overload! Have you ever been to the Liberty Science Center?