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Dance Recital

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

On Sunday, Gabbie and Simon had their spring dance recital! Simon has only been dancing since the fall and this was his second performance. He took an all boys class with three other little boys and they performed both tap and hip hop at the recital. Gabbie has been taking dance since she was 4, and this was her 7th year dancing. She performed ballet, tap, and jazz (Performance Team) at the recital.

DSCN5962  DSCN5964DSCN5963DSCN5965
Before the recital – Simon wasn’t much in the mood for pictures!

Simon’s Tap Dance – he is on the left:


Gabbie’s ballet dance – she is pretty much in the center of these pictures:


Simon’s hip hop dance – He is the 2nd from right:


Gabbie’s tap dance:


Performance Team dance – Gabbie is in the back row in a lot of these! She has on the long black leggings and is tall!


This is the finale, where everyone dances together.


Simon didn’t know the dance though!


After the show:

DSCN6072  DSCN6073DSCN6074  DSCN6076DSCN6077

I am not sure if Simon will continue with dance next year, although he says he enjoyed it! Gabbie definitely will be continuing!