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What I Watched Wednesday #3

Wednesday, April 27, 2016



This month I watched House of Cards Season 4. I was a bit late getting to it, but surprisingly enough, I had not read any spoilers that made the binge watch less enjoyable. I was glad that people started to question Frank and Claire, and I found their newest activities basically amusing. As far as political shows go, this one is the most politically interesting, and scary because the ways that the Underwoods go about doing things are usually unethical or illegal! I can’t even believe that they have are running together as President and Vice-President now!


When I finished House of Cards, I went back to the Chicago Fire / PD / Med series. I have watched a couple of episodes of each, in the current seasons of each. Soon after that, I received my next bunch of Tony Goldwyn movies, which I will mention below!

On current TV, I watched the end of the 11-22-63 mini series, which I pretty much enjoyed, as well as episodes of Castle, (can you believe Beckett will not be back next season but Castle may be renewed anyway??) Grey’s Anatomy, Madame Secretary, The Good Wife, and Quantico. I also watched one episode of my formerly favorite show, Scandal.



Yeah, Tony Goldwyn has been in a lot of movies. I counted 41 movies, and that doesn’t include those that he directed. I watched Abandon, which is with Katie Holmes, Joshua, The Last Mile, which was just a short play that aired on TV, The Pelican Brief, American Gun, and The Last Tattoo. He looked so good in that one!


I also watched the HBO movie Confirmation, starring Kerry Washington as Anita Hill. It was well-done and moving and brought up a lot of thoughts about sexual harassment, politics, and the way women are treated in this country. I highly recommend it if you are able to check it out.

What have you watched recently?