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Simon’s Passover Projects

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tomorrow night we start the 8 day long holiday of Passover, which celebrates the Jewish people’s Exodus from Egypt. On the first two nights, we have a special meal called the Seder. During the Seder, there are special foods placed on a special Seder plate. Simon made his own plate at school:


Simon also made his own Hagaddah, which is the book we use at the Seder.

“In every generation one must look upon himself as if he personally had gone out of Egypt.”

These are not all of the pages, but some of them! They read from right to left.

DSCN5267  DSCN5266
The Seder plate / The first cup of wine

DSCN5269  DSCN5268
Washing hands / Breaking the middle matzah

DSCN5271  DSCN5270
Asking the four questions / We talk about leaving Egypt

DSCN5273  DSCN5272
The four sons / Hashem (God) split the sea

DSCN5275  DSCN5274
The second cup of wine / We eat the matzah

DSCN5277  DSCN5276
The sandwich of matzah and maror (bitter herbs) / We eat the meal

DSCN5279  DSCN5278
Afikomen (more matzah) / Next year in Jerusalem!

Simon also made a bag for his own Afikomen:

One side is English and one is Hebrew!


For more about Passover, visit my past Passover related posts! If you are celebrating, enjoy!