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Royals Game

Thursday, April 14, 2016

On Sunday, we decided we couldn’t wait any longer to go to a Royals game this season. I was annoyed because it was Cub Scouts Day at the K and normally our Cub Scout Pack goes, but this year for some reason they did not get tickets. And then, all the cheap seats sold out. But we went anyway!


First, a Cub Scout leader gave us two of his tickets – the tickets weren’t next to each other or even in the same row, but okay, he gave them to us. Then, an older man offered us two tickets that were way up close and Dave told him he didn’t want to pay a lot, but the man seemed to just want to give them away! So Dave gave him $20. With those 4 tickets, we entered the stadium. Yes, there are 5 of us, but Simon could sit on a lap. We never went up to the seats we got from the Cub Scout leader, we took turns in the close up seats and eventually claimed two other open seats in the same section.


It was Slugger’s birthday so all of his friends were there!


Being this close to the players was really cool!


The score was 0-0 for awhile. We walked over to check out the Hall of Fame.

DSCN5226DSCN5227DSCN5228DSCN5229  DSCN5230DSCN5231
This is the 1985 World Series Trophy.

And this is the 2015 Trophy!

DSCN5233  DSCN5234DSCN5235DSCN5236

Slugger got his World Series Ring:


We switched out our pitcher – I guess we were losing at that point!


Moustakas hit a home run!


The mascots came into the stands – you can see Zachary with the blue camo hat to the left of Slugger!


7th Inning Stretch:


We were losing until the 9th, when we tied. It was very exciting, so much that I couldn’t manage to take anymore pictures! It was a tied game and went into the 10th, but we had to leave to get Zachary home on time for a birthday party. We heard the rest in the car – we ended up winning! I wish we’d been able to be there for that!

We bought the kids Blue’s Crew memberships. For $25 they get a shirt and a hat and two vouchers for game tickets – so we know we’ll get to go to at least two more games this season! Sadly, we won’t be sitting so close up next time!