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Reading Fair

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Two weeks ago, our school had its annual Reading Fair. Both Gabbie and Zachary designed their own boards based on books they read, and all three kids participated in group boards with their classes. The boards were displayed in the evening and the kids had pajama day that day, so they were in their pajamas at the Reading Fair as well!

Simon’s Hebrew class made a board about the book “My Friend, Mr. Moon”:


He and a friend designed this part of the board:


Zachary’s class did a board about the book “The Lion Likes Strawberries” (though the title is in Hebrew!):


Zachary wrote the 4th paper down here:


Gabbie’s class did a board about a book whose title I do not know!:


Gabbie wrote the paper that is the 2nd from the bottom here:


Simon’s class each made their own books called “A Book About The Seasons”:

DSCN5179DSCN5180  DSCN5181

Zachary made his board about the book “The Frog Principal”:


He also wrote his own book called “Goldilocks and the Three Penguins”:

DSCN5165  DSCN5166DSCN5167  DSCN5168DSCN5169  DSCN5170DSCN5171  DSCN5173DSCN5174  DSCN5175

Gabbie’s board was about the book “When You Reach Me”:


After the parents looked at the boards, the kids all gathered in the kindergarten room for story time! It was a fun evening for everyone.