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It’s Okay #111

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It’s okay…

…that after last week when I was the only person at Pilates, I decided not to attend this week. I go to two classes most days, so I did go to the one before Pilates!

…that we pulled off a bit of a round about way of getting really great seats for the Royals game on Sunday! I will post about it later this week!

…that Zachary slept over his friend’s house on Sunday night and because he was getting picked up, we had to leave the game before it ended in the 10th inning!

…that Gabbie learned how to swallow pills after she got sick again and the liquid version of the antibiotics was much more expensive than the pill version.

…that this week Gabbie is going with her class to Hebrew immersion camp!

…that I’ve been working on my social media presence. I have been using Instagram more often and I cut down on the people I follow so that I can keep up with those that I want to keep up with. I also tried to figure out Snapchat – so far the best part has been letting Simon try out the filters – he loved being a dog!!

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What’s okay with you this week?