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April In Review

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another month has past us by. Don’t they all go so quickly? I feel like this month has been even more exciting than the last few, so this review should be more exciting too! This month I am linking up with Shoes To Shiraz for her monthly Numbers Link Up!

1 Birthday Celebrated:

 Gabbie turned 11!


8 Days Off Of School:

We finally had spring break! For Passover.

1 Sick Day:

Gabbie had strep again.

1 Dentist Appointment for Simon.

3 Nights Gabbie spent away from us:

She went to Hebrew Camp.

1 Night Zachary spent away from us.

He had a sleepover with a friend.

1 Holiday Celebrated:

Passover. 8 Days of it! (Well, the last 2 days are tomorrow and Saturday!)

3 Reviews Posted:

Hamburger Press From Cave Tools
Grab Green
Ipsy Glam Bag

2 Royals Themed Posts:

A Royal Family
Royals Game


4 Link Ups Joined:

Hooray It’s Opening Day
The Kids Behind the Blog
$10 At Target
This one! (Numbers Link Up)

2 School Related Posts:

Mr. Bear Came Back
Reading Fair

3 Books Reviewed.
20 Total Blog Posts.
1 Trip on an Airplane.

Much time spent with family and friends and lots of posts to come next month all about it!