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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

“I’m a really big Royals fan.” – Simon

As I explained back in the fall, if I’d been interested in baseball at all as a kid, I’d probably be a Mets fan like my dad. If we still lived in NJ right now, my kids might not even care about baseball at all. But here in Kansas City, everyone is a sports fan and everyone loves our team, the Royals. After we won the World Series, the kids were even more excited to watch the game on Opening Day – once again playing the Mets and once again winning! We all wore our Royals shirts on Sunday in honor of the game, and we went to the Kite Festival at the Arboretum, where we got a lot of comments such as: “Are you excited for the game?” “Are you going to the game?” “Are you guys fans? I couldn’t tell!” We certainly weren’t the only people wearing Royals shirts, but we got a lot of comments anyway!

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We didn’t have too much luck with our kites. It was very windy and everything kept getting tangled! Some people did get theirs flying:


Instead we checked out the train garden:


And then we checked out the bird area that we learned about the last time we were there:


There weren’t that many birds this time. We did see some fabric art on our way back:


Today I’m linking up with Hooray It’s Opening Day!

Did you watch baseball on opening day?