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April In Review

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Another month has past us by. Don’t they all go so quickly? I feel like this month has been even more exciting than the last few, so this review should be more exciting too! This month I am linking up with Shoes To Shiraz for her monthly Numbers Link Up!

1 Birthday Celebrated:

 Gabbie turned 11!


8 Days Off Of School:

We finally had spring break! For Passover.

1 Sick Day:

Gabbie had strep again.

1 Dentist Appointment for Simon.

3 Nights Gabbie spent away from us:

She went to Hebrew Camp.

1 Night Zachary spent away from us.

He had a sleepover with a friend.

1 Holiday Celebrated:

Passover. 8 Days of it! (Well, the last 2 days are tomorrow and Saturday!)

3 Reviews Posted:

Hamburger Press From Cave Tools
Grab Green
Ipsy Glam Bag

2 Royals Themed Posts:

A Royal Family
Royals Game


4 Link Ups Joined:

Hooray It’s Opening Day
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This one! (Numbers Link Up)

2 School Related Posts:

Mr. Bear Came Back
Reading Fair

3 Books Reviewed.
20 Total Blog Posts.
1 Trip on an Airplane.

Much time spent with family and friends and lots of posts to come next month all about it!

What I Watched Wednesday #3

Wednesday, April 27, 2016



This month I watched House of Cards Season 4. I was a bit late getting to it, but surprisingly enough, I had not read any spoilers that made the binge watch less enjoyable. I was glad that people started to question Frank and Claire, and I found their newest activities basically amusing. As far as political shows go, this one is the most politically interesting, and scary because the ways that the Underwoods go about doing things are usually unethical or illegal! I can’t even believe that they have are running together as President and Vice-President now!


When I finished House of Cards, I went back to the Chicago Fire / PD / Med series. I have watched a couple of episodes of each, in the current seasons of each. Soon after that, I received my next bunch of Tony Goldwyn movies, which I will mention below!

On current TV, I watched the end of the 11-22-63 mini series, which I pretty much enjoyed, as well as episodes of Castle, (can you believe Beckett will not be back next season but Castle may be renewed anyway??) Grey’s Anatomy, Madame Secretary, The Good Wife, and Quantico. I also watched one episode of my formerly favorite show, Scandal.



Yeah, Tony Goldwyn has been in a lot of movies. I counted 41 movies, and that doesn’t include those that he directed. I watched Abandon, which is with Katie Holmes, Joshua, The Last Mile, which was just a short play that aired on TV, The Pelican Brief, American Gun, and The Last Tattoo. He looked so good in that one!


I also watched the HBO movie Confirmation, starring Kerry Washington as Anita Hill. It was well-done and moving and brought up a lot of thoughts about sexual harassment, politics, and the way women are treated in this country. I highly recommend it if you are able to check it out.

What have you watched recently?

It’s Okay #113

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It’s okay…

…that it’s Passover all week and spring break too.

…that all of the kids had to miss a lot of their regularly scheduled activities because of break.

…that once break is over, school is almost over for the year.

…that I really need to plan out our summer at this point!

…that Gabbie knitted baby booties for her new baby cousin.

…that she told me to write about that here!

…that last week I took these picture of the Prairie Fire Museum and I love them.

pf  pf2

…that my Grab Green Giveaway a few weeks ago had the most entries I’ve probably ever had in a giveaway I ran and I was really proud of that.

…that I’m really happy that I’ve met a bunch of new blog friends!

April Ipsy Glam Bag

Monday, April 25, 2016

This month I received my 30th Ipsy Glam Bag. This month’s theme was “The Dreamers.” Here is what I received:


tarte cosmetics LipSurgence lip cr̬me in wonder Р$24 for .1 oz, I received .05 oz, a value of $12:
This super creamy formula is infused with tarte’s famous maracuja oil to leave lips feeling oh-so soft.
20%off with code IPSYAPR until 5/10/16.
My thoughts: I really have too many lipsticks, but I did like this color and how it felt. It also lasted nicely!

Pretty Woman Nail Polish in Pouty – $7.99:
If you love fucshia lavender nail polish then Pouty is for you! A high gloss formula that's completely glitter, sparkle, and shimmer free.
Get this polish for $5.99 with code IPSY until 5/31/16.
My thoughts: I like the color. I am wearing it right now on my fingers and toes!

City Color Cosmetics Highlight Trio – $8.99:
City Color Highlight Trio features three stunning highlight shades in one convenient palette. With a silky formulation, one swipe will get you hooked! Great for every day glow and combining shades to create a custom highlight.
25% off Palette with code IPSYGLOW until 5/31/16.
My thoughts: This is definitely useful and seems to work. I wasn’t sure which color to use, or if I was meant to use all of them, so I’m still experimenting!

Crown Brush Duo Fiber Blush Brush – $11.95:
Use with your fave foundation, blush, or highlight.
25% off with code 2016CROWNIPSY25 until 5/31/16.
My thoughts: I used this with the highlighter. I wasn’t sure if it was the brush or the highlighter, but it didn’t seem to pick much up! Also, this is the 2nd month in a row that I’ve gotten a brush.

derma e Purifying Toner Mist – $15.50 for 2 oz, I received .5 oz, a value of $3.88:
Think of this as an energy drink for your skin! This refreshing mist is jam-packed with vitamins and antioxidants to hydrate and protect your skin from nasty environmental pollutants like smog, smoke and heavy metals. It can also be misted on throughout the day to wake up your makeup and refresh a dull complexion.
30% off with code IPSY16 until 5/31/16.
My thoughts: I like the idea of this. I tried to use it as a cleanser rather than a makeup enhancer, which it is also meant for. It didn’t spray on in a mist and I had to rub it in. I wasn’t sure I liked the smell either.

Once again, I pay $10 a month for these bags. I love seeing what comes my way each month! The value received this month was approximately $44.81, which was less than last month. My favorite item is the highlighter trio.  

If you’d like to sign up to receive your own Glam Bag each month, click here! If you got this month’s bag, what did you think?

What I’ve Been Reading #121 Featuring The Girl Who Stayed

Friday, April 22, 2016


I received The Girl Who Stayed by Tanya Anne Crosby from TLC Book Tours in exchange for my review. This book took me a little while to get into, but I was able to read most of the last 200 pages in one day. While I did enjoy the book, I found some of it slightly predictable, and the ending seemed abrupt and rushed.

“Zoe Rutherford wasn't sure what she was expecting when she returned to Sullivan’s Island. The house on Sullivan’s hadn't represented home to her in decades. It was the place where she endured her father's cruelty. It was the place where her mother closed herself off from the world. It was the place where her sister disappeared. But now that her parents are gone, Zoe needs to return to the house, to close it down and prepare it for sale. She intends to get this done as quickly as possible and get on with the rest of her life, even though that life seems clouded by her past, both distant and recent. But what she discovers when she gets there is far beyond her imagining and will change her in profound ways.”

Sullivan’s Island is in South Carolina, not far from Charleston. It is the place where Edgar Allen Poe was stationed and is the setting of much of his short story “The Gold-Bug.” It was the port of entry for a large amount of slaves brought from Africa, was a site of a major battle in the American Revolution, and was very much destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. All of these historical facts are incorporated into the book, making the island itself almost a living character in the story. Part of the beach called the Breach is a very dangerous place because of strong undertows and this is an important part of the book as well.

Zoe, the main character of the book, is very much a “girl who stayed,” as the title indicates. She has finally left her abusive boyfriend after 8 years of staying with him. Throughout the book, she questions her reasons for staying with him for so long. However, it is obvious that Zoe grew up in a dysfunctional home, and the treatment she received from her father allowed her to grow into a woman who thought that she deserved abuse. As a child, Zoe was accused of being the one who killed her sister, whose body was never found. Her sister’s disappearance still haunts her and is part of her reason for returning to her childhood home on Sullivan’s Island. Zoe has the need for closure in her sister’s disappearance and begins to question people who remember the event. With current news stories regarding other missing women, the pieces begin to come together – almost too late for Zoe!

When Zoe realizes what actually happened to her sister, the book rushes to a quick ending. I would have appreciated maybe one more chapter with more description of the conclusion to Zoe’s story.

What have you been reading lately?

Simon’s Passover Projects

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tomorrow night we start the 8 day long holiday of Passover, which celebrates the Jewish people’s Exodus from Egypt. On the first two nights, we have a special meal called the Seder. During the Seder, there are special foods placed on a special Seder plate. Simon made his own plate at school:


Simon also made his own Hagaddah, which is the book we use at the Seder.

“In every generation one must look upon himself as if he personally had gone out of Egypt.”

These are not all of the pages, but some of them! They read from right to left.

DSCN5267  DSCN5266
The Seder plate / The first cup of wine

DSCN5269  DSCN5268
Washing hands / Breaking the middle matzah

DSCN5271  DSCN5270
Asking the four questions / We talk about leaving Egypt

DSCN5273  DSCN5272
The four sons / Hashem (God) split the sea

DSCN5275  DSCN5274
The second cup of wine / We eat the matzah

DSCN5277  DSCN5276
The sandwich of matzah and maror (bitter herbs) / We eat the meal

DSCN5279  DSCN5278
Afikomen (more matzah) / Next year in Jerusalem!

Simon also made a bag for his own Afikomen:

One side is English and one is Hebrew!


For more about Passover, visit my past Passover related posts! If you are celebrating, enjoy!

Reading Fair

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Two weeks ago, our school had its annual Reading Fair. Both Gabbie and Zachary designed their own boards based on books they read, and all three kids participated in group boards with their classes. The boards were displayed in the evening and the kids had pajama day that day, so they were in their pajamas at the Reading Fair as well!

Simon’s Hebrew class made a board about the book “My Friend, Mr. Moon”:


He and a friend designed this part of the board:


Zachary’s class did a board about the book “The Lion Likes Strawberries” (though the title is in Hebrew!):


Zachary wrote the 4th paper down here:


Gabbie’s class did a board about a book whose title I do not know!:


Gabbie wrote the paper that is the 2nd from the bottom here:


Simon’s class each made their own books called “A Book About The Seasons”:

DSCN5179DSCN5180  DSCN5181

Zachary made his board about the book “The Frog Principal”:


He also wrote his own book called “Goldilocks and the Three Penguins”:

DSCN5165  DSCN5166DSCN5167  DSCN5168DSCN5169  DSCN5170DSCN5171  DSCN5173DSCN5174  DSCN5175

Gabbie’s board was about the book “When You Reach Me”:


After the parents looked at the boards, the kids all gathered in the kindergarten room for story time! It was a fun evening for everyone.