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Gabbie’s Fashion Show Part 1

Monday, March 7, 2016

I’ve been doing some shopping for Gabbie for the clothes that she needs to bring to camp with her this summer. Because it is a modern orthodox Jewish camp, there is a dress code that calls for skirts to the knees or longer and shirts with sleeves longer than “cap length.” While I have been able to find a good amount of light weight longer sleeved shirts, Gabbie is tall and it is hard to find her skirts and dresses that are long enough! The one dress I found that I thought would work is too big for her in the top! She was happy to show off some of her new clothes for this post, and hopefully when she gets more skirts, we will share even more.

DSCN4899  DSCN4900
Crazy 8 shirt | Ruff Hewn Shirt

DSCN4901  DSCN4902
Gap  shirt | Target shirt with Children’s Place skirt

DSCN4903  DSCN4904
Justice sweater | Old Navy shirt with Crazy 8 skirt

DSCN4906  DSCN4907
Justice shirt | Gap shirt with same Crazy 8 skirt

Hopefully I will find her more skirts soon!