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What I’ve Been Reading #112

Friday, February 12, 2016


I recently shared my review of Falling Stars, the book that Xio Axelrod published as a prequel to this book, Starlight.  Starlight is Part 2 and the conclusion of the story. It continues right where the first book ended and gets back into the action pretty quickly.

“Stars of the hit TV show, We the People, Sam Newman and Val Saunders have been burning up the small screen. Their chemistry is the topic of water cooler conversations everywhere. But their talent and success isn’t all that has people buzzing. Rumors of an off-screen love affair have begun to circulate. But they’re just friends. Good friends. Friends that harbor feelings that neither are ready to acknowledge? Perhaps. The lines between fantasy and reality have blurred…a bit…but no lines have been crossed. Not really. So let the rumors fly. Accusations are easy enough to deny, since they’re only friends. Right?”

Though this book takes place during the summer hiatus from their TV show, I still enjoyed the setting of the story. There are a lot of obstacles to Sam and Val’s relationship – the main one being Sam’s wife. There were a lot of heartbreaking moments and difficult separations between Sam and Val, especially when she left the country to make a movie. Luckily, the separation seemed to make the characters realize how much they needed one another. The love between them was palpable and extremely well-written. My favorite parts were the last chapter and the epilogue!

What have you been reading lately?