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Truman Library and Museum

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This year we decided to do something very Presidential on Presidents’ Day – we visited the Truman Library and Museum in Independence, MO. I had never been to a Presidential Library before and having one so close by is kind of cool! We learned a lot about Truman before he became President, during his Presidency, and afterwards. I never knew that Truman became President when VP under FDR and FDR died. He was then elected President for a 2nd term.


Truman recognized Israel as a country in 1948.


The kids enjoyed the Whistle-Stop Campaign display.


Kansas voted Republican even when Truman (a Democrat) was from the neighboring state of MO.


The outside area features a memorial flame and the gravesites of Truman and his wife.

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This is the office that Truman worked in at the library.


There is also an Oval Office replica showing how it looked when he was President.


There was a Truman look alike present.


The lower level features the life and times of Truman before he became President as well as a few interactive things for the kids to do.


Overall, it was a good experience for us! Have you ever been to a Presidential Library?