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Mr. Bear and Simon

Monday, February 1, 2016

Five years ago, when Gabbie was in kindergarten, she brought home Mr. Bear. Three years ago, when Zachary was in kindergarten, he too brought home Mr. Bear. And this weekend, it was Simon’s turn! Each year, the kindergartners get to take turns bringing Mr. Bear home, spending time with him, and using their new writing skills to write about their day together. It is so cute and the kids get so excited for their turn! Because Mr. Bear was here for the weekend, Simon had a lot of time with him. He wasn’t able to write about all of the things that he did with Mr. Bear!

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Here is Simon’s Mr. Bear Story:

Title: Mr. Bear and Simon. Story: “I watched TV with Mr. Bear. I ate a snack with Mr. Bear. I went with Mr. Bear on the playground. I played with Mr. Bear.” The picture is Mr. Bear going down the slide.

Just because I love to compare, here is Gabbie’s Mr. Bear project:
“Me and Mr. Bear. Me and Mr. Bear watched TV. Me and Mr. Bear went to a party. And Mr. Bear helped me make his bed.” (I think…)

And here is Zachary’s:

“The Sleepover. We watched Netflix. We slept together.”

I am happy to see that Simon’s writing is similar to Gabbie’s at the same age!