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Fifth Grade Opera

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Last week, Gabbie’s class performed a play that they as a class wrote and produced. Although they called it an opera, there were only a few songs! Gabbie was part of the writing team and she was also a choreographer and helped with changing the scenery on the stage during the production. The play was called To Be Good Or Not To Be and it was about an evil troll and the quest to turn him into a good troll. The show began with Gabbie and her friend reading a poem.

DSCN4603DSCN4604  DSCN4605DSCN4606  DSCN4607

Although Gabbie wasn’t in the play itself, I took some pictures of her friends performing.

DSCN4608DSCN4609  DSCN4617DSCN4613DSCN4614DSCN4621DSCN4624DSCN4625DSCN4629DSCN4630DSCN4632

Here is Gabbie helping with the scene change:


And here she is in the back line of the final dance, which she helped choreograph:


I think the 5th graders really enjoyed putting together this show for the school to watch!