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What I’ve Been Reading #108

Friday, January 15, 2016


I had It Must Be Your Love by Bella Andre, book 11 in the Sullivan Series, with me in Florida. It was recently suggested that these books would make good beach reads, and I agreed! However, every time I tried to read by the pool, it didn’t work out very well because I needed to watch my kids. In any case, I did finish reading this book while we were in Florida!

“Successful Seattle Realtor Mia Sullivan is nobody’s fool…apart from that one week five years ago when she gave her heart to a sexy musician who gave her nothing in return but a few sinfully perfect days—and nights—in his bed. Though she swears she never wants to see him again, he’s the one man she's never been able to forget. One of the hottest rock stars in the world, Ford Vincent can have any woman he wants…except Mia Sullivan. But he knows millions of strangers singing along with his songs can’t fill the hole inside him. Only Mia’s love has the power to do that—so he vows to do anything and everything it takes to win her heart again. From the first moment they see each other again, intense sparks of attraction fly. But can Mia and Ford finally rediscover a love strong enough to last forever?”

Andre’s books each seem to address a well-known romantic trope. This one is the lost lover trope, or the one that got away trope. Although both Ford and Mia haven’t forgotten each other since the last time they met, it is Ford who realizes and decides to convince Mia to give him another chance. She is reluctant at first, but eventually comes around after she spends more time with him and gets to know him better. I wouldn’t say this one is one of my series favorites, but as an easy romantic read, it wasn’t bad.

What have you been reading lately?