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Zachary’s Native American Fair

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On our last day before we left for Florida, Zachary’s class had their Native American Fair. They each researched a Native American tribe and created a display board along with a few craft items to describe their research. They also had a slideshow on their Chromebooks which they really loved showing off, and a separate section was dedicated to stories they had written. The other grades in the lower school and the parents came to see the displays and learn from the 3rd graders about the Native Americans.

Zachary had the Navajo tribe. The day he was assigned this tribe, he told me it is not spelled with an H!

Here he is showing me how the Navajo used weaving looms.

His art projects were a pot, a house, and a bracelet, which you can see on the other side of his report paper.

Here he is showing me his slide show.

A few of his report pages. Believe it or not his writing is improving.

A few close ups of the parts of his board. I thought it was funny that he was supposed to show how the men and women dress, but his labels read “This is a man” and “This is a woman.”

DSCN4376  DSCN4378DSCN4377
This is Zachary’s story. It is called “Why Does a Beaver Have a Flat Tail.” His story is about a Navajo boy that had a hammer and then had a fight with a beaver, so he flattened its tail.

Here he is showing some other kids his display

DSCN4383DSCN4384DSCN4385  DSCN4386
Simon got to check out the display too.

Simon checked out a few other displays.

DSCN4374  DSCN4390
Zachary showed his display to more people!

Most of our school presentations are shows, and this one is unique that it only consists of the display boards and the students sharing with the other students! I think Zachary did a good job!