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Celebrating Hanukkah (Night 1)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hanukkah started on Sunday night and right away we started celebrating! Even before the holiday officially started, we were enjoying a family Hanukkah party. From the first one, we went to another one that included ice skating. Everyone had a ton of fun!

DSCN4271  DSCN4272
Decorating cookies.

Delicious latkes!

DSCN4274  DSCN4275
Funnel cake and making a dreidl.

Ice Skating time!

DSCN4278  DSCN4279
Simon drank hot chocolate and watched.

DSCN4276  DSCN4285
Gabbie ice skated and ate a doughnut.

DSCN4286  DSCN4287
Family picture.

Friends picture.

DSCN4293  DSCN4306
Zachary was very difficult to photograph!

Later that night, we lit the first candle on the menorah and the kids got the first of their presents, which were from Gramy and Grandpa. All 3 were very happy!

DSCN4309  DSCN4310
DSCN4311  DSCN4312DSCN4313DSCN4315DSCN4316DSCN4318

More about Hanukkah soon!