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Royals World Series Victory Parade

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Growing up, my dad was a great influence on some of the things I still like today, like the Muppets, Billy Joel, and Rutgers (I went to my first Rutgers football game when I was 4)! I recall my dad watching football and I would say I’m a Giants fan because of that, but for some reason I have no real recollection of him watching baseball. My dad is a Mets fan. I’m pretty sure I went to at least one game at Shea Stadium, but back then, I found baseball boring.

When you live in New Jersey, you have a choice of teams to cheer for – if not the Mets, then the Yankees, or even the Phillies. Kansas City is a small town inside a city – we have one team and everyone loves them. So when the Royals made it into the World Series for the 2nd year in a row (after a 29 year hiatus!), everyone was so excited. The kids wore Royals shirts to school every day there was a game. We watched the games and cheered on the players. We all fell in love.

And this time, we won! Going to a World Series Victory Parade is something that you may only be able to experience once, and yesterday we got to do that. The public schools were closed, but our school arranged a field trip for the 4th-12th graders. If parents came along as chaperones, we could also bring our younger students, so off we went!


The buses got us as close as they could, then we started walking.

DSCN3952  DSCN3953

Eventually, we found ourselves here:


People were climbing trees, bus stops, light poles, anything to try to see something!

DSCN3959  DSCN3961

Gabbie had to go to the bathroom. So we went to the Sheraton, and found ourselves outside at their pool, which is on a rooftop approximately 5 floors up. And I finally spotted the parade route!


Ah, the colors of fall. Yellow, green, red, and Royal Blue!


I managed to get a few shots of the trucks as they came by. Some are much clearer than others! It seemed every time there was a player we especially liked, my camera shook or someone got in the shot!

DSCN3965  DSCN3972
Slugger / Miguel Garcia(Coach)

DSCN3973  DSCN3974
Budweiser (missed the Clydesdales!) / David Glass (CEO)

DSCN3975  DSCN3976
Dan Glass (President) / Marching Band

DSCN3977  DSCN3978
Alex Gordon / Paulo Orlando

DSCN3979  DSCN3980
Alex Rios / Jarrod Dyson

DSCN3981  DSCN3982
Terrance Gore / Kendrys Morales

DSCN3983  DSCN3984
Christian Colon / Alcides Escobar

Eric Hosmer

DSCN3986  DSCN3988
Omar Infante / Cheslor Cuthbert

DSCN3993  DSCN3995
Johnny Cueto / Danny Duffy

DSCN3997  DSCN4001
Kelvin Herrera / Marching Band

DSCN4002  DSCN4003
More Marching Band

DSCN4005  DSCN4009
Ryan Madson / Edinson Volquez

DSCN4010  DSCN4012
Chris Young / Salvador Perez

DSCN4013  DSCN4014
Another shot of Salvi / The trophy and Ned Yost

This is where we were:


So many people!

DSCN4026  DSCN4027DSCN4028

Back and waiting for our buses!


We arrived back at school at 4:30, and I don’t know about the kids, but I was pretty tired out! I’m so glad we got to go though! Forever Royal!