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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Little Gems In Israel

I am nearing the end of my Israel trip recap posts and today I am sharing some of the little things we did in between other activities – things we stumbled upon, or things we did along side other things – basically, the little things that I have not yet written about but were also fun and exciting!

In our friends’ neighborhood there are signs with the names of the 12 tribes of Israel. This one is Shimon – which is Simon’s Hebrew name:


The burial place of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai:


In Tiberias, we visited the hot springs and the remains of a synagogue with an amazing tile floor:


We spent time with some of our very good friends:


At Gan Hashlosha, on the other end of the parking lot, there is a the tower and stockade settlement which Jewish pioneers established in the 1930’s called Tel Amal.


Also, a path lined with various bells to play with!

DSCN3001  DSCN3002

In Jerusalem, outside of City Hall, we found these bikes which when pedaled, created energy to make fans blow or music play, etc!

DSCN3024  DSCN3026

In the mall in Ashdod, the boys tried out these little electric cars!


In Jerusalem, this outdoor air conditioning system helped cool us down a bit:

These other guys enjoyed it too!

And icy drinks are available for cheap as well!

DSCN3619  DSCN3620

Right outside of the Old City inside Teddy Park is this great fountain to play in. It only goes on every few hours though!

DSCN3655  DSCN3647
DSCN3648  DSCN3650

Just one more recap post coming up!

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