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November In Review

Monday, November 30, 2015

It was another exciting month around here, culminating with our family Thanksgiving celebration which I have yet to blog about! Here are some of the highlights!

Family Activities:



  • We celebrated my birthday.
  • I blogged about Scandal perhaps for the last time.
  • My family came for Thanksgiving and I met my adorable niece.


Now, we have one full week until Hanukkah!

Thankful For…

Thursday, November 26, 2015


This Tuesday was VIP day at school, and in advance of Thanksgiving, the kids filled out a questionnaire with various questions about what they are thankful for. My brother is in town for Thanksgiving, and he did this activity with my kids. I thought their answers were cute enough to share here today!

What are you thankful for that is green?
G: Nature. Z: Nature. S. Apples.

What are you thankful for that is yellow?
G: The sun. Z: The sun. S: Crayon.

What are you thankful for that is soft?
G: My bed. Z: Pillows. S: A dog.

What are you thankful for that is round?
G: My head (this answer was provided by Aunt Sara). Z: Pizza. S: A circle.

What are you thankful for that is very small?
G: Avery (our cousin). Z: Hamster. S: Guinea Pig or a baby.

What are you thankful for that is very big?
G: Me. Z: Uncle Mark. S: A giraffe.

What are you thankful for that tastes good?
G: Ice Cream. Z: Pizza. S: Apple.

What are you thankful for that tastes bad?
G: Medicine. Z: Uncle Mark. S: Yucky Water.

What are you thankful for that you can’t see?
G: Air. Z: Air. S: Hashem (God).

What are you thankful for that you can’t touch?
G: Air. Z: Air. S: Poison (?).

What do you think your teacher is thankful for?
G: Teaching. Z: Us (our class). S: To teach.

What do you think a teenager is thankful for?
G: Their phones. Z: Being a teenager. S: Traveling.

What do you think a very old person is thankful for?
G: Grandchildren. Z: Having grandchildren. S: (Gabbie told him to say) Grandchildren.

What do you think the president is thankful for?
G: The White House. Z: Being President. S: Being the President.

What do you think a dog is thankful for?
G: The owner. Z: Barking. S: Having an owner.

What do you think a cat is thankful for?
G: Naps. Z: Being a cat. S: Meowing.

Your own thankful question:
S: What do you think Avery is thankful for? Being Super Cute!

Also, when the kindergarten class was asked what they are thankful for, Simon said “cute cousins.”

DSCN4166  DSCN4167DSCN4168
DSCN4169  DSCN4171DSCN4172

Happy Thanksgiving from the Super Cute Cousins!

Gabbie’s Civil War Play

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

On Monday, Gabbie was in a play at school with the 4th and 5th grade classes. The play is about the Civil War and the story is that a group of kids are playing that they are fighting in the Civil War. There were many songs and also spoken parts. My view of the group was obscured by a man’s head, but I tried.

DSCN4122  DSCN4123DSCN4127DSCN4130DSCN4131DSCN4132DSCN4134DSCN4135DSCN4136

After the play, the kids lined up around the room in what was called a “wax museum.” If you took their flag from them, they had to share about the historical figure they represented. Gabbie was Harriet Tubman. My boys went around listening to all of the descriptions!

DSCN4138  DSCN4139DSCN4140

I also got to see a reprise of some of the songs from the Civil War play at VIP Day yesterday!

It’s Okay #91

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It’s okay…

…that I have a very busy week this week!

…that I got to meet my 6 month old niece and she is adorable.

…that my GPS was acting weird when I was driving to the airport.

…that Gabbie was in a play last night. I’ll be sharing photos tomorrow, I hope!

…that I’m looking for good deals on gifts!

…that today is VIP day at school.

What’s okay with you this week?

November Ipsy Glam Bag

Monday, November 23, 2015

This month I received my 25th Ipsy Glam Bag. This month’s theme was “Beauty Blast.” Here is what I received:


Beaute Basics Gel Eyeliner with Brush in Navy – $9.99:
This gel liner delivers bold color that lasts. Whether you want a perfectly defined line or a smokey eye, this amazing formula blends easily and won’t fade or crease.
60% off with code BBIPSY60 until 12/31/15.
My thoughts: I wasn’t sure about the color of this, but after I applied it I liked it. It lasts well and looks good too.

ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Shadow in Stereo – $5.00:
This long-wearing cream powder has elastic-like texture and glides on with extra intense pigmentation. Super Shock Shadows come in a ton of shades and are available with multiple finishes.
My thoughts: Again I wasn’t sure about this color because it appeared pinkish, but when I applied it, I liked it a lot. It lasts for awhile and I would definitely buy more of this product!

Aromachology Exotic & Spicy Eau de Parfum: $100 for 3.4 oz, I received .12 oz, a value of $3.53:
Aromachology’s Exotic & Spicy Eau de Parfum will reveal your seductive and sexy side. This is a full-bodied fragrance with a kick of spice! Always remember, your look is never finished without a signature scent!
30% off with code IPSY30 until 11/30/15.
My thoughts: I am not a perfume fan at all. Scents make me feel ill! So while this scent may be ok, I won’t be using it.

Smashbox Cosmetics Full Exposure Mascara – $20 for 11 ml, I received 3 ml, a value of $5.45:
Inspired by the on-set technique of layering a lengthening fiber mascara over a volumizing formula, this new studio-tested mascara exposes your longest, fullest lashes. No clumps, no flakes. Just maximum-impact, scene-stealing lashes.
My thoughts: I have used this before and I like it.

Hey Honey Come Clean Propolis & Minerals Facial Scrub – $22 for 2.2 oz, I received .5 oz, a value of $5:
This rich, deep cleansing facial exfoliating scrub with Propolis contains crystalline beads that dissolve during regular use and can be used for all skin types. It deeply cleanses the skin, dissolving the dark waxy residues in the enlarged skin pores making them less apparent leaveing skin clear, even and smooth.
My thoughts: I haven’t tried this yet but I previously received a face mask from the same brand and I really liked it!

Once again, I pay $10 a month for these bags. I love seeing what comes my way each month! The value received this month was $28.97. This month’s value is lower than last month’s, so I hope next month’s will be higher! However, I like a lot of these products a lot! My favorite item this month is either the eyeliner or the eye shadow.

If you’d like to sign up to receive your own Glam Bag each month, click here! If you got this month’s bag, what did you think?

Scandal Sunday 5.9–Baby It’s Cold Outside

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Dear Scandal Writers,

You did it. You finally allowed Olivia and Fitz to be together. You had Olivia tell Fitz that she wanted him. You had her say “yes,” she was with him, and you had her go on TV and say that she could not fall out of love with him. In just last week’s episode, Olivia told Abby she wasn’t ready to be done with her relationship with Fitz and she was seen as devastated when Fitz left her alone in the interrogation room. And then? You broke them up yet again. For many of us, it’s the last time we’ll be around to watch. They could have been good together and we saw bits and pieces of that this season, but you just couldn’t do it. You put them together in the extreme and then tore them apart.

Shonda Rhimes believes in strong women being alone. She and Oprah talked about how neither of them want to get married, and Shonda stated that she does not want a husband in her house. She obviously wrote Olivia to take after herself, and Olivia finds herself alone and happy on Christmas Eve, chilling on her new couch with her wine and her popcorn and her Christmas tree, having just come from a drive-through abortion and a fight with Fitz in which she told him that she preferred him when he was unavailable and she didn’t have to be with him in his every day life. Olivia leaves the White House Fitz is left solely on his own.

CUPCgzdUwAAxjns.jpg large

“We tried,” they say. Well, Scandal Writers, you tried. You tried to show me that a woman doesn’t need a man to be successful, but not only that, a woman CANNOT have love and success at the same time. You put Mellie on the Senate floor fighting for women’s rights and Planned Parenthood funding – something she of course couldn’t have done when she was First Lady. You put Olivia in the First Lady role and you made it so that being in that role meant she couldn’t be herself. You tried to prove that a woman can’t have love in her life and also make a difference in the world. You turned Fitz into the bad guy and you asked me to be happy that he was left alone with no one, because he is a man.

You tried to teach me that an abortion should be as simple as a flu shot; that a woman should be able to have a surgical procedure and then immediately run around looking for alcohol (and drink it) with no physical ramifications; and of course that it should be okay to do all of this without bothering to mention it to your so-called love that you yourself chose to be with. What you’re telling me is that it is easy; that it is no big deal. As Tony Goldwyn said in the Hollywood Reporter: “I feel like she disassociated from it. To me, that's what was so disturbing about that abortion scene: it was so mundane. She went in and did it with no emotion. Boom. It was as if she didn't connect with it at all. It just happened.” And that’s what you tried to convince me was perfectly fine.

Scandal Writers, I’ve been invested in this show for two years. I know many others who became disgusted and gave up on Scandal way before I did, and I believe that is in part due to my starting the show later than they did. Two years ago, I had just finished watching Seasons 1, 2, and 8 episodes of Season 3 in a row. Little did I know that things would only go downhill from there. You tried to tell me that this season would be different; that Olivia and Fitz would be together “At Last,” but you turned Fitz into someone I didn’t recognize and you made Olivia grow to despise being with him. I know you will try to tell me that this show wasn’t meant to be a love story. If that is the case, I wonder why you wrote such beautiful scenes between Fitz and Olivia during Seasons 1 and 2. Why did you work so hard to convince me that their love was real only to throw it all away? This show has made me feel things that no other show has, and I know that is due to the talent of the lead actors. Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn have undeniably the best natural chemistry I’ve ever seen on TV and you can’t manage to write scenes where we can see it?

You tried to keep me on as a viewer, but you failed.

goodbyelivvie  goodbyefitz[3]

Goodbye Scandal.

What I’ve Been Reading #102

Friday, November 20, 2015


I had another book by Rosalind Noonan on my to-be-read list but I picked up And Then She Was Gone instead when the first was unavailable. Having never read a book by her before, I was happy that I enjoyed this one.

“Eleven-year-old Lauren O’Neil vanished one sunny afternoon as she walked home from school. Six years later, her parents Rachel and Dan still tirelessly scour their Oregon hometown and beyond, always believing Lauren will be found. Then one day, the call comes. Lauren has been rescued from a secluded farm mere miles away, and her abductor has confessed. Yet her return is nothing like Rachel imagined. Though the revelations about what Lauren endured are shocking, most heartbreaking of all is to see the bright-eyed, assertive daughter she knew transformed into a wary, polite stranger. Lauren’s first instinct is to flee. For years she's been told her parents forgot her; now she doubts the pieces of her life can ever fit together again. But Rachel refuses to lose her a second time. Little by little they must relearn what it means to be a family, trusting that their bond is strong enough to guide them back to each other.”

Having read a few other books about kidnappings (Room; Still Missing) I would say that this one did a good job, as the others did, at showing the inner turmoil surrounding kidnapping victims and their families. Lauren’s kidnapper had convinced her that her family no longer cared about her (and that they had moved away – the book neglected to show her surprise to discover that they still live in the same house) and that she needed him to survive. Lauren is a strong, willful character who is able to adjust to her new situation with the help of wonderful therapists. The return of a kidnapping victim to her family is emotionally described through the various view points of the characters, and a further plot line that develops keeps the plot moving until the very end.

What have you been reading lately?

Little Gems In Israel

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I am nearing the end of my Israel trip recap posts and today I am sharing some of the little things we did in between other activities – things we stumbled upon, or things we did along side other things – basically, the little things that I have not yet written about but were also fun and exciting!

In our friends’ neighborhood there are signs with the names of the 12 tribes of Israel. This one is Shimon – which is Simon’s Hebrew name:


The burial place of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai:


In Tiberias, we visited the hot springs and the remains of a synagogue with an amazing tile floor:


We spent time with some of our very good friends:


At Gan Hashlosha, on the other end of the parking lot, there is a the tower and stockade settlement which Jewish pioneers established in the 1930’s called Tel Amal.


Also, a path lined with various bells to play with!

DSCN3001  DSCN3002

In Jerusalem, outside of City Hall, we found these bikes which when pedaled, created energy to make fans blow or music play, etc!

DSCN3024  DSCN3026

In the mall in Ashdod, the boys tried out these little electric cars!


In Jerusalem, this outdoor air conditioning system helped cool us down a bit:

These other guys enjoyed it too!

And icy drinks are available for cheap as well!

DSCN3619  DSCN3620

Right outside of the Old City inside Teddy Park is this great fountain to play in. It only goes on every few hours though!

DSCN3655  DSCN3647
DSCN3648  DSCN3650

Just one more recap post coming up!