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What I’ve Been Reading #93

Friday, September 18, 2015

A few weeks ago, I introduced you to my new obsession, the Sullivan family. This week, I’m sharing my thoughts on the next two books in the series. First up, the book featuring Zach, If You Were Mine. “The last thing Zach Sullivan wants is to take care of his brother’s new puppy for two weeks. That is, until he meets the dog trainer. Heather is bright, beautiful…and she just might be the only woman on earth who wants nothing to do with him. Heather Linsey can’t believe she agreed to train Zach’s new pup, especially since his focus seems to be more on winning her heart than training his dog. Having sworn off love, she has vowed never to fall for a charming man. But Heather’s determination to push Zach away only fuels his determination to get closer—and the sensual and emotional connection between them grows more undeniable. Will the biggest Sullivan bad boy of all tempt Heather into believing in forever again?” I liked Zach and I felt for him – he believed that since he was like his father, he too would die young. Thus he was always afraid to find a woman to settle down with. Somehow, Heather very quickly changes his mind, but she too is afraid to fall for a man who reminds her of her own father. I definitely liked the addition of the dogs in this story, as they provided a fun element of humor and a great way for the heroes to bond with each other! I also appreciated that Zach not only repaired cars, he also raced them. The car race scenes served the purpose of adding suspense and the scene which in the end helped both Heather and Zach to accept their true feelings for one another.

Next up is Ryan, a professional baseball player, who we find out in Let Me Be The One apparently has been harboring feelings for his best friend from high school. And also – so has she! “When Vicki Bennett saved Ryan Sullivan’s life as a teenager, it was the beginning of a close friendship that never wavered despite her failed marriage to someone else and Ryan’s well-earned reputation as a ladies man. So when she suddenly needs a pretend boyfriend to protect herself and her career from a powerful man’s advances, he is the only person she can imagine asking. Ryan will do anything to protect Vicki from harm, but when their ‘fake’ kisses and caresses lead to an incredibly sensual night that neither of them can resist, will he have made the biggest mistake of all by irreparably jeopardizing their friendship? Or is it possible that what they’ve both been looking for has been right there the whole time...and the perfect combination of wicked and sweet, friendship and love, is finally within reach?” There was a little bit of back and forth here that annoyed me – both of the characters were too afraid to ruin their friendship by telling the other that there had always been feelings there. I wanted to scream at them! Ryan is the second Sullivan to end up with an old friend – his sister Sophie did the same when she got together with Jake – but I liked the change in this book as compared to the quick love stories in the others. It was nice that Ryan and Vicki already knew each other very well when they reunited. I also liked the fact that Ryan was so quick to come to Vicki’s rescue, even when the two hadn’t seen each other in awhile. Vicki’s art plays a big part in the story and I could visualize the sculpture she made of hands interlocking under water. The other siblings are in each other’s books, meaning that I’m still interested in finding out about the rest of them – and in this book, one of the Sullivan cousins was introduced! After the San Francisco Sullivan family books were written, Andre went on to write about their Seattle cousins! So, you know I will be reading and reviewing those books as well.

Have you read anything good lately?


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