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The “Worst” Part of Israel

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Let me start by assuring you that there is no “worst” part of Israel. The title of this post is a joke, because on our first day in Israel, on our way to the north to visit our good friends, we stopped at Nahal haShofet, and as we walked along the hiking trail, Simon declared it to be the worst part of our trip. Being that it was our first day, I told him I certainly hoped this would be the worst part of the trip, and as it turned out, it was! We seemingly walked in the wrong direction and might have missed the point of the location (a spring and a pool that we did not see), but if a nice day is the worst of the trip, then so be it.

See? It’s pretty!

This is the most we saw of the stream that was the whole point of this hike!

This is what we call “tiyul (trip) food.” So yummy!

Look, we found a cave!


If I took this many photos of the “worst” part of Israel, imagine how many I took of the rest of it!