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Swimming In Israel

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I’m not sure I shared yet how hot it was when we were in Israel. It was so hot, that we were told it was the hottest it had been in Israel in many, many years. When we left our friends’ house in the north and stopped in Tiberias for breakfast, our car thermometer read 44 degrees Celsius. Do you know how much that is in Fahrenheit? 112 degrees! I am normally ok with hot weather, but this was beyond hot! It was stifling! One of the best things I brought on this trip was a hand towel which I used to wipe the sweat off of my face every other second!

Luckily, it was not as hot as it was that morning during the rest of the trip, but summer in Israel is still hot, and we were able to cool down by swimming on a few occasions. In fact, on that very morning in Tiberias, we just had to walk into the Kinneret – also known as the Sea of Galilee.

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Later that same day, we visited one of my favorite places of the whole trip, a place we had never been before called Gan HaShlosha. “The pools at Gan Hashlosha are fed by a natural spring which rises within the park feeding water at a constant 28 degrees Celsius year-round. The spring flows into natural pools which have been somewhat widened by man to create a popular swimming destination year-round. The pools flow through the park via the Amal Stream, across waterfalls and natural Jacuzzi.” It was beautiful there and the water was so refreshing!

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The next time we swam in Israel was a few days later, this time at the Mediterranean Sea in Ashdod. The beaches in Israel are so beautiful!


The third and final sea that we visited in Israel was the Dead Sea. The beach that we usually go to is closed due to a sink hole and we ended up paying for access to the beach and pool at the Ein Gedi Spa! It was a great choice!


We could have stayed at each of these places for so much longer than we did, but then we would have ended up fried by the sun! We had a great time swimming in Israel anyway!