Not In Jersey: A Big Waterfall, A Ski Mountain In Summer, and A Kayak A Big Waterfall, A Ski Mountain In Summer, and A Kayak - Not In Jersey

A Big Waterfall, A Ski Mountain In Summer, and A Kayak

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Last week I told you about the so-called “worst” thing in Israel. This week I thought I’d share one of our best days! We all had a hard time choosing a favorite thing, but the day that we spent in Northern Israel was definitely up there because of all the things we got to see and do. Northern Israel is really beautiful and green and full of many amazing places to explore. We made the most of our time there and only barely scratched the surface!

We started out in the morning at the largest waterfall in Israel – the Banias. I had been to the Banias Nature Reserve 20 years ago and it was there that I fell in love with hiking!

The area is so pretty.

A big lizard!

That’s Zachary, if you can see him!

A small rest.


From there, we headed north, to the actual northernmost point in Israel, Mount Hermon. Of all the times we’ve each visited Israel, Dave and I had never been there. Hermon is a ski mountain – yes, the same country that has a desert also has a ski mountain! – and in the summer time you can go up the ski lifts and enjoy the view. In fact, you can pay 99 shekels ($25) per person to go up the ski lift, go on the alpine slide, and go kayaking at Kfar Blum – kayaking alone normally costs 93 shekels!

Gabbie had to go alone because the boys had to ride with adults.

Now we’re going back down.

Dave took this one of Simon.

Walking to the Alpine Slide.

Dave took this one of me and Simon!

Next it was kayak time.

DSCN2934  DSCN2935DSCN2936
Dave and I did this same kayak trip before and it was just as I remembered – frustrating! For the life of me, I can’t get the kayak to steer straight. Zachary says it was the best part of his summer though, so I guess my frustration didn’t bother him!

4  DSCN2937

After all of that, we still went to a city called Tzfat and the grave of a famous rabbi! I will have to show you those pictures in a different post because this one is already way too long. I hope you enjoyed!