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Our Niece’s Wedding

Monday, August 10, 2015

As I’ve mentioned previously, we recently traveled to New Jersey for our niece’s wedding. You may recall us attending a wedding in March of 2014 – our other niece got married then, and this time it was her sister’s turn! The unique part of this wedding was that all of Dave’s parents’ 12 grandkids (plus two grandsons-in-law and a great-grandson) were together. That has actually never happened before because one of Dave’s sisters lives in NJ, one lives in Israel, and we live in KS! Unfortunately, getting the kids together for a picture turned out to be impossible. Even so, our reunion of cousins was a good time for all!

DSCN2693  DSCN2694
Dave and his two sisters / Our three kids.

DSCN2698 DSCN2717
Our family / Our three kids.

The bride, her three brothers and one sister, and her parents.

DSCN2705  DSCN2706
The three brothers of the bride and our three kids / Dave’s parents and the kids.

DSCN2708  DSCN2711
Our family plus Dave’s parents / Dave’s sister and our kids.

Gabbie and Zachary with their cousin the bride.

DSCN2720  DSCN2722
Three of the cousins from Israel and Gabbie and Zachary.

DSCN2723  DSCN2724
Gabbie and Grandma / Zachary and his cousin.

My great-nephew (the bride’s sister’s son).

People coming down the aisle.

Under the chuppah.

A glimpse of the crowd.

When we were trying to get a full cousin picture. This was supposed to be the boy cousins, but one is missing.

Same as above, with the addition of Gabbie and my niece’s husband.

The closest I got to a picture of the bride and groom together! I just realized there are no photos of the groom at all. Oops.

DSCN2764  DSCN2766
Having a silly time at the party!

We have another wedding coming up very soon, so expect more wedding pictures at some point in the future!