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8 Photos of Happiness

Monday, August 17, 2015

I was recently tagged to participate in a post called 8 Photos of Happiness. For this concept, one is meant to share eight photos that make you happy or evoke happy memories. I was tagged to do this by Melissa at Merryland Girl, a lovely blogger who I have tons in common with including the love of the show Rent! Interestingly, she in turn was tagged by Military Wife and Pug Life, a new blog friend of mine!

1. A recent family photo because #1 is my family!

2. I love nature and animals and this is a photo of one of my favorite animals, an ibex! [source]

3. A picture from my favorite show – Scandal, which makes me happy at least some of the time. Tony Goldwyn makes me happy all of the time.

4. Doesn’t this look good? Yummy food makes me happy. I ate something like this recently and it was so good![source]

5. This photo of our friends from college and all of our kids together makes me happy!

6. From our Disney Cruise – but everything Disney makes me happy!

7. This is one of the nicest scarves I have knit. I knit less than I used to but it still makes me happy when I do!

8. I love to read, and I love pictures of books organized nicely like this!

So there you have 8 pictures that make me smile, of things that make me happy! I’m supposed to tag more people to participate, but I rarely do that, so if you are interested, please take part!