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Trip to D.C. Part 3–More Monuments

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Having just left the Washington Monument, we continued our tour around the National Mall. We first came upon the World War II Memorial.

Yes, we are from Kansas!

From there, we continued to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


We made it to the Lincoln Memorial, another iconic memorial that required tons of pictures!

DSCN2492DSCN2495DSCN2496DSCN2494  DSCN2497DSCN2498DSCN2499DSCN2500  DSCN2501DSCN2502DSCN2504DSCN2506DSCN2507DSCN2508

Next up was a walk around the Tidal Basin, a part of the Mall where neither Dave nor I had been before. The first stop there was the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

DSCN2512DSCN2513  DSCN2515

Views as we walked around the basin:


The FDR Memorial:

FDR had a Scottie, just like we did!

Finally, we reached the Jefferson Memorial.

DSCN2530DSCN2531DSCN2532  DSCN2533DSCN2536DSCN2537

By then, although I’m usually fine walking long distances, my legs were killing me and I thought I’d fall over and be unable to continue! But we still had to walk back to the metro station! Luckily I made it just fine, because we still had one more day left in Washington D.C. – stay tuned for more!