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Trip to D.C. Part 2–Museums and Monuments

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

After leaving the Capitol Building, we began a tour of all of the places we had on our list of things to see in Washington, D.C. The good thing about D.C. is that everything is located in one central area. That also means a ton of walking to see it all! Our first stop was at the National Archives, where we saw the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Hint: There was a long line, but we had a stroller, so we were able to bypass the line and enter through the exit. (Also a good hint – Simon is almost 5 but he would not have been able to do this long walking day without his stroller! Good thing our other kids are a little older or we may have needed a triple stroller!) No photos are allowed inside, but here is the building:


There was actually things to look at inside, and the kids played with some interactive exhibits, but we had to be on our way. Our next stop was a quick look at the dinosaurs in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum (we might have spent more time there but we did recently visit the Natural History Museum in New York!) and a longer look at the American History Museum.


From there, it was on to the National Mall. The Washington Monument deserved a lot of photos!

DSCN2473  DSCN2474
DSCN2477  DSCN2478

And we could see the White House from there!

DSCN2480  DSCN2481
DSCN2483  DSCN2484

Stay tuned for more scenes from our visit to Washington D.C.!